Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn - Mile 328 Parks Highway Alaska   

Skinny Dicks Halfway Inn

Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn is a Bar, Grill and Gift Shop located halfway between Fairbanks, Alaska, and Nenana, Alaska. Skinny Dick's is now open year round, so you can stop by in the middle of January to grab the best hamburger in Alaska and maybe even a novelty apron.

Skinny Dick's has been around for as long as anyone can remember. It serves as a marker for many of us making the long trip to Anchorage that we have either left all civilization behind us and we are really about to rive for 6 hours, or that after all of our trouble, we are almost to Fairbanks! It's a great spot to stop off at and grab a cold beer and some curly fries, shoot a little pool, throw some darts, and just relax.

Visit our friends at the Howling Dog Saloon!
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